Creativity Is Not A Born Talent

I edited this choreography about 7 times before I even came close to liking it. 🥲
Unlike what many people think, creativity is NOT a born talent.

I’ve practiced the art of choreography for 10 years now, but I still many times, struggle with being satisfied with the end product.

What others don’t see is the difficult process of modifying and editing a dance routine again, again, and again, sometimes over the course of many months – to achieve the final piece..!

Which sometimes is a hit, and sometimes, a complete miss… 😣

Creativity needs to be cultivated.
It’s a skill just like any other – dancing, or teaching.

It’s a brain muscle that needs to be flexed. 💪

It requires patience, persistence, and most importantly, the determination to continuously nourish ourselves with inspiration. To feed our soul for more creativity juices.

To all the artists out here struggling, – I see you. ❤️
(No avatar pun intended. 😜)

Don’t give up and always remember why we are artists.

Love, B.

© Brenda Liew 2023.

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