Hi friends!

I’m Brenda – a street latin dance mentor, instructor, choreographer, & dancer.

Here is where you can find all my resources, tips, videos, & articles to help you become better at dancing, teaching, or choreographing (especially Salsa & Bachata).

Train With Me Online


Are you feeling stagnant in your dance journey, or stuck about how to improve?

Get unlimited access to more than 300 videos of my dance-technique-training-programs and choreography tutorials to help you improve faster & better.

1-to-1 Instructorship Coaching

Are you aspiring to be a better instructor or to start teaching?

When I first started teaching 10 years ago, I wish I had somebody to guide me along so I didn’t have make so many unnecessary mistakes, and take so long to figure it all out by myself.

If you want to get better at teaching, get on a 1-1 call with me for first-hand advice & personalised guidance.

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