5 Must-Try Tips To Unlock Your Dance Goals

As a dancer and teacher, one of the most frequently asked questions I receive from my students and followers is “How can I improve faster?” 

Setting dance goals is one of the best things you can do for yourself if you’re serious about improving, but unfortunately, it is also quite a neglected topic within the dance scene. We’re often so focused on chasing the trend of new choreographies and exciting new moves that we neglect the basics of technique and fundamentals.

In this blog post, I want to dive into the topic of setting dance goals and share my top 5 tips on how to set dance goals that will help you improve faster and become a better dancer.

👣 1. Prioritise Your Fundamentals & Footwork Techniques First 

 ie: your weight shift, body alignment, core engagement, the way you step, posture, and etc.

One of the biggest obstacles to improvement as a dancer is a lack of techniques in your footwork and fundamentals. 

These are often the hardest and driest topics to understand and work on, and also the easiest to ignore in favour of more exciting topics like body movement and styling.

Without strong footwork and fundamentals, you will not be able to advance as a dancer, no matter how much work you put into everything else. 

“A weak foundation in your feet simply cannot support any strong intention in your upper body.”

For this, consider my:
-Salsa Clean My Footwork & Fundamentals Program
-Bachata Clean My Footwork & Fundamentals Program 
-Salsa Must Take Live Classes – Crucial Feedback
-Salsa Footwork Techniques

❌ 2.  Eliminate Your Bad Habits

“You can practice shooting 8 hours a day, but if your technique is wrong, then all you become is very good at shooting the wrong way.” –Michael Jordan 

When you are not aware that bad habits exist, you won’t see the need fix them – and you’ll constantly be reinforcing the wrong techniques into your muscle memory… 😕

2 common examples:

👉 Taking steps that are too big, causing potential issues like:
– Unclear or incomplete weight shifts
– Being off-time
– Weak footwork
– Lack of control in body

👉 Pushing body weight into your heels, causing potential issues like:
– Inefficiency or slow timing (because you can’t push from the balls of your feet)
– Locked knees due to compromised body alignment and weight shift
– Locked hip movements 

So DON’T WAIT to fix your bad habits. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to fix the issues because of how much you’ve practiced them into your muscle memory. 

“Prioritising your fundamentals is the only way if you want to become an advanced dancer.”

🧐 3. Set Techniques As Goals
(Instead of constantly chasing new moves to learn)

Have you ever wondered why some dancers can just pick up moves way faster or execute them so well so quickly? 

 The reason isn’t that they’ve danced for a longer period than you or that they’re more talented. It’s simply because they have better techniques ingrained in their muscle memory.

Techniques are what will transform you to become a better dancer. When you’re empowered by the techniques in your muscle memory, you can apply them to your dance movements easily. 

To put it simply, techniques are the HOW, and movements are the WHAT. 

Without knowing ‘how’ to execute, how can you perfect the ‘what’?

So, stop prioritising new moves, and start seeking techniques to drill into your muscle memory if you want to improve faster. 

This is the main reason why so many of my programs on Brendaliewonline.com are structured based on techniques! As long as you follow those drills, you are in good hands. 😉

Examples of techniques to set as goals:
– Maintain your body alignment when you step for better weight shifts: belly button over balls of feet
Use your upper arms first when you comb (styling) instead of your hands
Energy at the end of your taps and through your toes to keep them clean and precise

And more at Brendaliewonline.com 😘

4. Keep Your Goals Specific

Instead of trying to nail a dance challenge or choreography, set specific goals that will help you improve your techniques:

  • Nail a double / triple spin within a month
  • Increase the range of those chest rolls / pops you’ve always struggled with
  • Achieve cleaner taps and kicks within your footwork
  • Perfect your head roll 
  • Get your basic arms to be more connected to your weight shifts

Being specific with your goals will help to keep track of your progress way better than the usual choreography challenges..! 

5. Set Deadlines

We all know what happens when you set goals without any timeframe to complete them… PROCRASTINATION!

Setting deadlines will help you to stay accountable so that you can plan, prioritise, and schedule accordingly! 

Use it to help track your progress, and based on my personal experience – progression will motivate you. 💪🏻

I hope these pointers help and you now know better how to set goals to improve faster! Lmk what you guys think and I’ll see you in the next! 

Love, B. ❤️

© Brenda Liew 2023.

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